EB Web Design offers a number of services, ranging from full CMS site design and implementation, to converting supplied designs to working HTML.

Basic Web Design

For clients who have no need for a CMS, the Basic Web Design service provides a unique and 100% bespoke website built in modern, accessible, and standards compliant HTML and CSS. First I start by talking with you about your needs and goals for the website, and then work with you to create a design that fits your needs and tastes. The website is then created and tested for your target audience and the web browsers they use. Once testing is completed, you will receive the HTML, CSS, and image files that make up your new website.

Because no time is spent fitting the website into the framework of an existing CMS, Basic Web Design sites have a faster turnaround time than CMS sites, and can be built on a smaller budget. Basic Web Design sites are perfect for clients who need a site fast and inexpensively, but will not need to update their site after it is finished.

Types of sites well suited for Basic Web Design are: brochure sites, and sites that do not need to be updated.

CMS / WordPress Based Sites

Easy to update, edit, and maintain, CMS (Content Management System) based websites are an extremely popular and user-friendly option. CMS websites can be updated onsite, without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Adding new text and images, fixing typos, and creating new pages in the same style as the main page are as easy as using a word processor. A CMS based site is the perfect choice for clients who want to directly make quick and frequent updates to their website.

As with the Basic Web Design service, EB Web Design works with you from design to finish to build a 100% percent unique and custom website. Once the design is completed, it is then tailored to work with WordPress or another CMS of your preference. If requested, EB Web Design can also help you set up and install your new website and CMS.

Types of sites well suited to a CMS are: corporate and personal sites, brochure sites, news sites, blogs, portfolios, and more.


For clients who already have a design laid out and mock-up built in Photoshop, EB Web Design & Programming will convert your PSD mock-up to a working webpage written in HTML and CSS at a discounted rate.

Custom Application Development

Have an idea for a site that does more than the ordinary? Looking for a programmer to work on your team? Contact EB Web Design, and we’ll talk about making your idea for the next killer web app a reality.

EC Cube

For clients interested in selling merchandise in Japan, EB Web Design & Programming develops e-commerce sites for the popular “EC CUBE” Japanese shopping cart system.